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The only thing better than meeting and visiting my new pet friends is the privilege of meeting and coming to know their owners. All of these folks love their pet family…just as you and I do. They're all my kind of people - they truly love animals.

Several of them have been kind enough to offer to tell you how they feel about the quality of professional care and service performed by Phil's Pet Sitting Service. I am both flattered and appreciative that they have chosen to do so.

Being an Island Girl (born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii), I would like to say "Mahalo Nui Loa" (Thank You Very Much) to these pet parents, who have taken the time to share their thoughts and feelings on this page.

I am honored that they have chosen me to care for their pet family, and I will always be indebted to them for their enthusiastic support and assistance.

Personally, I do not consider any of my clients as "clients". I think of them more as friends…

Phil has looked after my dogs for over 5 years. I cannot say enough great things about her or the care she provides. She is prompt, dependable compassionate, and treats my dogs as if they were part of her family. She has gone above and beyond to make sure they got the care they needed. I would highly recommend Phil (and have multiple times) to anyone!

Deb O.

My name is Jake. I am a handsome and sweet (I know this from comments I have heard) sable colored standard dachshund. I was really worried when my mom went back to teaching full time.

What if I had to go to the bathroom? Would I get to go for walks? What if I got lonely?

Then I met Ms. Phil. She takes care of me just like my mom. I get to go for walks, I get hugs and I get a treat when Ms. Phil visits. Ms. Phil also took care of me when my mom had to go to the hospital. My friends George, Biskit and Noah have had fun with Ms. Phil, too.

I love to hear Ms. Phil drive up. And I know my mom feels better, too, knowing I am well cared for while she is at work.

Written for Jake by Dena K.

Phil is family. I have two cats and I travel a lot, maybe 15 times a year. Before I had the good fortune to find Phil, the neighbor’s daughter watched the cats. That was a horrible experience, the daughter was rarely available, neglectful and once even forgot she was pet sitting. My life changed for the better when a vet gave me Phil’s card. Phil is a Godsend. Here’s what you get with Phil. High-availability - essentially always available, even on short notice. Great service - she picks up the newspaper, checks the mail, feeds, waters the animals, loves on them and more. Observant and proactive - If a window blind is in a different position, if a light that was off is now on Phil notices and she’ll call or text you right away. Reliable and conscientious - Phil never misses a visit and she has an eyes-on-pet policy meaning she visually verifies that your pets are OK. One of my cats likes to hide. Phil knows all of her hiding places. The other cat is a love-pig and he gets heaps of that from Phil. Phil documents her work - My wife and I love to read the "report cards" that Phil leaves on the last day of her visits. They remind me to text Phil to say I am home so she won’t worry that my flight was delayed - because she will. Phil is family.

Matt H.

It is a great comfort to go out of town and know that Phil is in charge. When I get home I know that my pet is happy and all is the way it should be.

Beverly D.

Phil, of Phil's Pet Sitting Service, has been an important and integral part of our lives since June 2008, when my family was preparing for an extended vacation, and I needed someone to care for my Great Pyr and Schnauzer rescue. I couldn't leave my babies with just anyone.

Prior to our vacation, Phil came over, we all met, and my puppies immediately bonded and loved her. Phil sat on the floor and allowed my babies the opportunity to be close to her, in a non-threatening way. It was a wonderful, incredible match that has lasted these 8 years.

My babies adore Phil. I try to plan ahead, but there have been numerous times when I have phoned her at the last minute and Phil has " fit us in," to her already hectic schedule. Phil does everything, aside from caring for my puppies. She gets the mail, the newspaper, feeds the fish, the birds, turns on lights, closes blinds and draperies in the evening, and then repeats the reverse process for morning.

Phil is highly dependable and does exactly what she promises.

The most important thing for me is I totally trust Phil. She has a key to my home, but more than that, I know my babies are in excellent hands. Phil truly loves my puppies, and it shows in how they respond to her. Phil has been a Godsend for us. She has a huge, compassionate heart and is highly knowledgeable about the care and well being of animals. She has several of her own.

I would recommend Phil to anyone with sheer joy, and confident anticipation.

Marybeth C.

I can't begin to tell you what a blessing it was to find Phil to take care of our pets. I have three dogs (each a handful to take care of). One, however, is blind, diabetic, has Cushing's syndrome, and requires an extra special level of care. Despite his misfortune he enjoys his life and is able to return our love on a daily basis.

After my pet sitter of five years moved to another state, I was devastated. It would be difficult to find another person who would administer insulin shots, and more importantly provide our special needs dog with that extra love and care he deserved. My husband and I, once used to taking weekend trips, stayed home every weekend. There was no one we could trust to take care of our dogs. After months and months of searching, we found Phil.

When Phil first met my dogs I could tell she was an animal lover. She immediately connected with them. And when I saw the compassion in her eyes as she bonded with our special needs dog, I knew she was the right caregiver. Today, my husband and I are once again enjoying our weekend trips, and enjoying them with the peace of mind that our pets are in wonderful, loving, and responsible hands.

Deb Miller

My animals - 2 horses, 2 puppy dogs, and 1 cat - are part of my family. When I have had to leave town, I wanted my animals – especially my horses - to stay at home with each other and have someone come over and take care of them, to minimize their stress. It's always been a challenge to find someone who will take care of them in a way that's familiar and comfortable to them. Usually the person finds the horses to be "too much trouble" and the routine is revised to make it easier on the pet sitter and stressful for my animals.

I found Phil's card and called her. I was extremely impressed with her attention to detail and genuine concern for each animal, and each one's idiosyncrasies, not to mention their genuine love of animals. For the first time, I was able to leave town knowing my "babies" were truly being cared for. Phil went by to check on my mare, Pemberly, several times due to concerns she had and spent extra time with Hummer, my cat, and brushed the horses frequently. Also, for the first time, my horses were happy when I returned home.

Phil is an extraordinary person and we are fortunate to have her to help make our animals' lives that much better. She has become all of our friends and we highly recommend them to anyone who would like someone to come care for, play with, and talk to their animals in a loving manner at home where they are the happiest. The service she provides to our animals is priceless and it doesn't take long to figure out they are not caring for animals for the money, but for the love of them.

Stephanie Simonson, DVM

Winnie, Hummer, Roo, Pemberly, and Hadden

We personally enjoy the "lunchtime special" from Phil's Pet Sitting Service. When we began our search for someone to walk our boxer mid-day, the most important factors were experience and a love for animals. Phil has exemplified these qualities in the care of our boxer. She has demonstrated 100 percent dependable and compassionate care to our beloved family member from day one. Phil has earned our highest recommendation.

Scott & Jessie

Phil is an excellent pet sitter. She cares about our two dogs as much (if not more!) than we do. She pays great attention to the detailed instructions we give her and she is very trustworthy with not only our dogs but also our home. We have asked her for a pet sit on short notice on several occasions and she always seems to find a way to help us out. We really appreciate the personal touch in taking care of our dogs and it is easy to see they enjoy what she does and have a genuine affection for all animals.

Andy and Heather H.
College Station, TX

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