Phil's Pet Phriends

One of the really great things about my service is getting the opportunity to meet a wonderful and varied array of different animals. Each is "special" to its owner(s)… each is loved…each is considered to be a valued member of the family…and each and every one of them is also special to me.

I feel truly blessed for having the opportunity to spend time with these wonderful loving creatures. And, for a brief moment, having both the honor and pleasure of interacting with them - feeding them, playing with them, loving them - while their "parents" are away.

Each and every pet is unique, and I consider each and every one to be a friend. When I go my client's home for a pet sit, I'm not "going to work"; I'm going to visit and spend fun time with a friend - a close, personal, pet friend, and that makes Phil's Pet Sitting Service an awesome place to work…at least it is for me.

So, in the following photo gallery, I would like to introduce you to my pet friends.

They are indeed a wonderful group of animals. They are all…

Phil's Pet Phriends